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Desktop Metal (DM): 3D Printing On Another Level

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

by Connor Lounsbury | June 5, 2021


Desktop Metal (DM) offers a unique 3D printing service, or a form of additive manufacturing. Many companies and businesses alike are beginning to rely on 3D printing as a source of manufacturing. This is because the costs of constructing something with your own materials and your own 3D printer is far more cost and time effective. Labor costs are currently rising faster than productivity in China. This adds more incentive to switch to 3D printing.

Out of all of the public additive manufacturing companies, I believe Desktop Metal will remain amongst the top-dogs of 3D printing. DM's printers use a technology called single pass jetting, making DM competitive to the current market. Compared to other methods, it is far better in speed and efficiency. There is also no forfeiture in quality. They produce nearly no waste being what I would consider on the more environmentally friendly side of the additive manufacturing market. The following is a table comparing DM to competitors looking for consumers in the same market.

Let's go into some finances. Additive manufacturing has the expectation to boom in the long-term. Additive manufacturing in general will go from 12 billion dollars to 146 billion dollars by 2030 on their current trajectory. This is 11x growth in the next 9 years. DM is anticipated to grow 12x by 2025. Cash flow is anticipated to become positive in 2023. The completion of the merger with Trine Acquisitions in December of 2020 gave DM a cash investment that is expected to last until 2023. Rising yields will not have as much of a negative affect on them because of this.

Now that you know a noteworthy amount about Desktop Metal, I encourage you to look at their website as it offers more information and details about them. Click here to check out their website.

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