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  • Connor Lounsbury

Dogecoin: The World's Best Returning Asset

Updated: May 31, 2021

by Connor Lounsbury | May 24, 2021


There are a plethora of cryptocurrency available and Dogecoin has certainly earned its role in the spotlight of crypto. The coin was originally created as a joke, yet managed to outdo any side hustle in existence (based on returns).

Dogecoin was released on December 6, 2013 making it over seven years old. The amount of traffic gathered in the first month of Dogecoin's release was over a million unique users on their website.

In the beginning of May 2021, Dogecoin was worth 75 cents a coin. Five years ago, it was worth $0.000227. If only a mere 10 dollars were invested then, it would be worth $33,037.50. No money invested into anything, anywhere has seen these kinds of returns.

Generally speaking, housing gives a 5-10 percent return on investment. Bonds will give anywhere from 2-5 percent. Savings accounts rarely give more than 2 percent. The stock market giving about a 14 percent return. Then you have Dogecoin, giving over a 300,000% return if you bought the lowest low and sold the highest high.

Elon Musk takes a particular liking to Dogecoin. Musk appeared on Saturday Night Live and described Dogecoin as a "hustle." On Twitter, Musk tweeted out letting his followers know he is actively working with some of the developers of Dogecoin in order to improve it overall. He describes it as "potentially promising."

Way back in 2015, the creator of Dogecoin made a decision to sell all his Dogecoin. Whether or not it was the right one, I'll leave up to you. He bought a used Honda Civic after he was laid off from his place of employment. The name of this man is Billy Markus.

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